Pluck Pluck

My girl.

She pulled a fast one on me this morning and shocked even ME, the unshockable! Bub and I were downstairs playing Lego Star Wars when she comes running downstairs acting very puffed up and proud of herself. She comes and stands right in front of me and stares me right in the face. When I look up to tell her to move, I see that she has.....shaved her eyebrows!! I freak out and start to get on to her about shaving them when she puts out her hand and shows me......TWEEZERS!!! My crazy diva girl plucked her very own eyebrows. Something I can't even do!! I can't quite get my mind around how she took the pain. This is no one or two hair plucking, this is a massacre on her eyebrows. I've asked her how she did it without it hurting and she tells me that it did hurt. She just wanted them to be pretty so she didn't care that it hurt. ahhhhh, this is a whole new can of worms for me. I am not the girly girl and never have been, yet here I am having to figure out a little mite that is beyond her years already.....it's very strange to me:)

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Anonymous said...

holy crap...she reallllly did a number on those babies!!!!! ouch!