Christmas at home......

I am finally getting around to posting these pics. Christmas morning was a lot of fun here. The kids actually slept in!!! This was a good thing because it gave me time to sweep some of the reindeer food off of our front step:) I was also able to get the ham in the oven and get a few things started for our Christmas dinner.
Bub was the first to come downstairs and I don't think I've ever seen him so bright eyed that early in the morning! Brooke followed shortly...and went first to check the reindeer food! She was a bit disappointed that it wasn't all gone, but I distracted her by asking if she wanted to open her gifts...easy breezy!

Bub got what he'd been begging for since September (Lego Star Wars 2) and he fell backwards when he opened it (see pic below). He was also super hyper to get EVERYTHING Star Wars this year. All Brooke really wanted this year was a purple CD player.....I was unable to find a purple one, so luckily she was content with the pink one! She also got a lot of what she wanted, but especially loved her mile high Bratz doll....that sucker is HUGE!

Here are the pics, and they are the last that I am posting of my Christmas....so YES, it is FINALLY over for me this year! and wouldn't you know it.....YEHAW!!!

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