The 3 LeaderShip Club

The kids' cousin, Anthony, has been spending more time with them now that school is out for summer. The plan is to have him over 2 days a week for the entire summer. They all have so much fun playing together and I have a blast listening to their little people converstations. Yesterday they they decided to form a club. Not just any club, mind you! This is "The Three Leadership Club", no other members allowed! They were wrapped up in their little world of making plans and dreaming up schemes....and it seemed to slip their minds that they really should ask their mom before they wrote *in permanent INK* the name of their club on their clubhouse. *I do think watching Little Rascals inspired them here....so my fingers are crossed that they will come up with some nifty way to con people out of some money as well!* Naturally, they got in trouble...but I couldn't help but laugh over the whole situation. I have to stop myself from being too harsh with them sometimes....especially when I tell them that it is THEIR playhouse and I want them to be creative with it and make it into something that is entirely their own:)


may said...

cute kids!

Lori said...

at least it's sandable if you ever want it off :-0

Lori said...

heehee bub is sooo 80's flashdance!