{putting the brake on things}

so, after nearly singeing off my eyebrows yesterday evening *haven't blogged about that yet, but i will be soon*, and cleaning up my nephews puke this morning....i didn't think the day could get any worse.

until i actually ventured OUT into it.

as MY luck would have it, this was one of those days in which i actually had PLANS.

with people. *i know, YAY!*

alas, my first date with our meetup group is STILL on hold because of what someone upstairs had already mapped out for me:)~ now, the story....

i was leaving Hobby Lobby this morning, gearing up to pull up to the red light beside Publix when.....swwwwoooooshhhh.

Drum Brake

my breaks went out on me. i ended up spending over 3 hours in the holding room of Big 10 Tires....JUST the way I wanted to spend my afternoon. come to find out, the break shoes were dust, the pads down to metal, and one rotor was cracked.

still, i have to count my blessings here.....
1} the kids were DIVINE! my kids are so well behaved when we are in public and i was super proud of them today....considering we were stranded for over 3 hours:)~
2}the brakes went out on a nearly empty parking lot. *and not on a busy highway or when i was crossing said busy highway to hop into the median.
3} *perhaps the best of all*, the brakes went out dead center....BEHIND A TIRE SHOP!! seriously....i was nearly in front of the shops entrance!! wow. i just kinda sashayed the car into the curb where she came to a halt.

so...thank you to everyone looking out for me and my kiddos from way upstairs!! i am truly counting my blessings today:~)

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Lori said...

whoa! jesus took the wheel eh? were you singing it :-) it must be 'bad breaks' day. my neighbors went out too and she had to change them herself! her hubby's in a wheelchair right now and had to talk her thru it but she did it:-)