my buddy: bunny

I was FINALLY able to get an amazing shot of my bunny yesterday! I feed the little guy lettuce nearly every day, in hopes that he will someday see me and think, "Oh! It's the tall thing that gives me food everyday....I think I will see if I can get closer and actually take the food from those dangly things on the side of her body!"

ahh, yes. i dream of petting this bunny...but for now I am content with simply watching it from a *near* distance!!


Lori said...

we had a coon come right up to the screen door while we were eating 3 feet away-problem was even tho duane was chucking tennis balls at it, it didn't even blink---it probably had distemper or rabies. I don't want to pet that lil visitor!

Popsicles & Lollipops said...

What a beautiful woodland bunny--
I wish he'd hop on over here for a spell! We never get cute bunnies...we did have some rather cute field mice once but decided on our small lot it was best to shoo them away so they wouldn't get too cozy and decide to move inside! :-)