webbie wednesday on a thursday

Again, didn't feel like blogging yesterday so I am doing my webbie wednesday on a thursday this week:) hmm, I may just start a trend!

My fav of the week is another that I've been in love with for a while now. It's WhistleStop Cafe. I don't remember how I came across this site, but I DO remember the recipe that made me ear mark it as a fav! It was sometime late last year when I found her recipe for FRESH pumpkin ravioli...I tried it and was amazed as to how easy it was to make fresh pasta and then stuff it with real pumpkin! I'd fallen in love with butternut squash ravioli, but Publix had stopped carrying it at the time, so I had to find an alternate to fill in the void:) Since then I have followed her blog and have come to realize that she cooks the way that I do. A mix of ALL sorts of food, with a heavy leaning toward the Southern style of cooking. Her cornbread recipe is to die for...there is a super easy Pad Thai recipe...tiramisu...and even a simple recipe for the great Southern delicacy, BOILED PEANUTS! *btw, I found a place to buy fresh green peanuts this week, so I am planning on trying that recipe out soon!* I do hope you check the site out...and VICKIE, there are loads of baking recipes there too:)~

*click on the pic for the link to the whistlestop site. from there you can access the CAFE site which is full of recipes broken down into categories. Enjoy!*

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Mandi said...

So glad to see your posting again, I missed you!!! Just a quick note the blue colour that your text is in is REALLY hard to read - or maybe Im just getting far too OLD!!!

Have a great weekend..mandi