new stuff!

Brooke lost a top tooth this week....finally!! She looks absolutely adorable.....but funny as well. Her other top tooth is loose, so....with the gap from the freshly lost tooth and the other one dangling sideways, she looks ten kinds of hillbilly! She can't say any word with an "f" in it either!! I love this stage, when they are losing teeth and growing the new, bigger ones. I have been looking forward to seeing her with those big front teeth...so the countdown is on for them to start growing in!!

*side note....Brooke doesn't put her teeth under her pillow, but in a small bowl NEXT to her pillow. The morning after the tooth fairy's visit she woke to $$ in the bowl and (to MY amazement because I SWEAR I did not put it there!) ....a teeny ball of silvery pink fibers! She almost started crying over the excitment of finding fairy dust in that bowl!! I was amazed as well....and thought how much fun it is to believe in the magic that is borne with childhood:)*

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Lori said...

oh that pic just tickles me! i had to run and show nort who giggled too. looks like brookies toothless grin is contagious!!!!