update. update

yeah...I was having a bad day yesterday and didn't feel like updating my blog. First I have to address the fact that my lovely lady friend Lori could not come to town this week due to the fact that the powers that be in the Army decided that Duane was unfit to take a vacation at the moment. No matter that he'd put in for it in, oh...FEBRUARY! Ah well, I am learning the heartbreak of the Army that I've been told of many times:)~ Alas, if it weren't for the dear old Army, I would never have met my Lori girl! So...to them I am thankful, albeit a bit perturbed with them *the powers that be in the Army* at the moment! Still, our fingers are crossed that the Schrier's will still be able to make the trip sometime this summer. If not...I may just ditch the Disney plans and head to Amish country so I can get my Lori fix AND view Ohio in the fall:)~ To D and L and kids....I love you guys and really wish you were here right now so the guys could be fishing and WE could be chilling on the beach amidst the smell of coconut and salt water!

For everyone else, check out this clever little pic that Lori made in memorandum of our would be vacation! You can see more on HER blog, LORI. Click on it:)~


Lori said...

yes people go to lori's blog and leave comments :-) i'm a comment hog.
So leesha now you've had an experience with army life, how'd ya like it?

Lori said...

yesssss! nix your disney plans and come HERE in the fall!!!! :-)