Cavs vs Bobcats (meooooow)

Brandon and I met his friend Jody in Charlotte yesterday. They played 18 holes at this crappy course, as I sat in my own cart reading the ENTIRE time. I'm so glad I had my book in the car (thank God for small miracles) or else I would have been bored to the point of plucking my EYELASHES out. I did get to hear someone yell FORE! for the first time though. Unfortunately it was at ME....the ball landed within one foot of where I was sitting (so thank God for more small miracles and for hardtop golf carts)

After they were finished, and my fingers were so numb I wasn't even sure they were still attached, we made our way to the Bobcats arena to watch the Ohio Cavaliers and Charlotte Bobcats play ball! It was my first basketball game EVER so I wasn't sure what to expect. I seriously thought I would be bored out of my mind having to watch a game that I knew NOTHING about. (Thank GOD I am so adaptable) because I was psyched even before the game started! I caught on quickly, it was MUCH easier to figure out than football or baseball~ The place was huge and being around all those people was just incredible! I love being in big crowds if my kids aren't with me, otherwise I am a nervous wreck. I immediately knew who Lebron James was (another small miracle) and got butterflies in my stomach seeing him! The game horn sounded and they were off.....the game was pretty intense, and the score was ALWAYS close. (tied most of it actually) It was fun being one of the only (THREE) people on our side cheering whenever the Cav's scored. I really got into it and had a blast! In the first timeout the camera zoomed in on the "celebrity guest" Liv Tyler...I would love to know why she was there....I thought it was cool that she was. After I figured out where she was sitting I found myself turning my eyes down in her direction often.....:) Well, the Cav's lost the game (sorry D and L, God wasn't granting you guys small miracles last night....lol!).....but we made it out of the crowd ALIVE (btw, the crowd was the biggest they'd EVER had at the arena (which may not be saying much since it was only opened last November, 5th to be exact!) and we made it home safely too! I am looking forward to the next game we go to....Brandon already told Jody that HE would have to buy US tickets to the Panthers game :) HOOK ME UP!!!!

**For some reason my pics won't post on blogger just yet, dunno if they are having problems or WHAT, so I'lll try to get them up here sometime later.

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