Our Christmas angel

The Christmas after momma died, I took the kiddos with me to pick out a special ornament to symbolize what she meant to us. We went to several stores but couldn't agree on an ornament. Our last stop was Target and Brooke spotted this sweet little glass spun angel ornament. When I first laid eyes on it I knew it was the one. Bub loved it too and said, "It's our Gramma angel! We can call HER angel now!!!" He was thrilled, but when he said that, Brooke burst into tears. She is very sensitive when it comes to talking about her gramma, so I knelt down to hug her and to ask why she was crying. Brooke told me that Gramma always called her "my angel" and that she was sad because now Gramma was now "her angel".

My momma had several pet names for her kids and her grandbabies. One was "my heart" and the other was "my angel". Of course I am sad that my mom is not still here to call us by our pet names, but it makes my heart smile knowing that my children remember what she called them. They remember her calling them, "my angel". They remember her.

Every year our "Gramma angel" is the last ornament that goes on the tree......but it's the first that my kids look for. It's almost a contest as to who finds it first. Gramma angel goes at the top, so she can watch over us during this crazy holiday called Christmas. It's so easy to get caught up in everything that is going on this month... the hype of spending and taking, the bustle and fuss, but each time I look at our tree, I can see my "Gramma angel" sparkling from it's special place on top....and I am reminded that the good things in life don't involve money or things. I'm reminded of the things that meant the most to her. Family and love.

The best things in life are sitting right there under the tree.....laying on their backs and looking up at all the pretty lights twinkling against the glittered snowflakes the adorn our tree.

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