Thanksgiving in Florida

We spent Thanksgiving in Florida this year and had a really great time! I started the trip out super sick with the flu, but got better on Friday. We drove down after Brandon got off work on Wednesday, got there super late, got up the next morning and I was still sick!! After dinner/lunch, I went back to sleep because I was so doped up on Benedryl. After figuring out that benedryl was drying my skin out, I switched to Claratin and felt MUCH better by the next morning. It was a good thing because I got up at 3:30 to go shopping:) I got everything I wanted, and a few more things.....then Friday afternoon I went shopping in Destin with Beth, Rachel, and Debbie (their mom). We had a lot of fun, and I'll post those pics later. Saturday afternoon I went by my Granny's old house to take some pictures. I also went to see my cousin and I saw his new baby boy for the first time. Tony, my father in law, was admitted to the hospital on Saturday with super high blood pressure due to his kidney stone/meds so I stayed in with the kiddos.....funfun:) My dad in law is home now (they removed the stones yesterday afternoon), but he spent his time thnking he ruined our Thanksgiving, bless his heart. We love going back home and even though he (and I!) was sick a lot of the time, I still had a really great time just sitting around the house.

Here are some pics......Jamie and Vicky carving the turkey, Brandon and Hobbes wearing matching THRILLED expressions on Thanksgiving, Bub playing with his new glof clubs, Hobbes helping Brandon drive down, and MaryJo fixing Thankgiving Dinner.

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