Oh Christmas Tree.....

I was forced to buy a new tree this year since I snapped ours in half last year. I took Lori with me to pick one out and she helped me decide on a 7.5 foot PRELIT tree!!! YEHAW! that sucker was sooooo easy to put up!!! I can't believe I didn't get one sooner!! The kids and I put it up (B was tooo tired) and I let them put their own ornaments on. I loved opening the Christmas storage boxes to see what little treasures I'd bought on clearance the year before that I'd forgotten about....this year I was surprised to find two cute espresso cups that I'd bought at World Market. The are candy cane striped and come with their own little white plates. They are adorable and I'd forgotten all about them! I do the same thing every year though, so it's never a surprise when I open up the box to find something new that makes me smile! This year I put some small red and silver oranaments in some clear glass ice cream bowls that I got from a friend....I have them sitting on my bar and I think they look so cute! Here are some pictures from our night of putting up the tree.

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