We had a great evening~~ unless you count the 2 hours I was getting Brooke to finish her homework :) It's mind boggling as to HOW a SIX year old girl already hates homework! It's a daily fight getting her to finish 20 minutes of home work within an hour...UGH!

After dinner and after we were all cleaned up and ready for bed, the kiddos and I played a game that we've played since they were little babies. I lay on my back with my knees bent up to form a chair like curve. They usually lay across it facing me and we play animals....they say what animal they want to be and I bounce them around, swing them around, jerk them around making that animal sound, then I flip them over in a half circle over my head and they squeal with laughter. I love this game but it is quite a workout!!! Anyhow, a few weeks ago, Brooke "invented" a new way to play our special game. I would lay in pretty much the same position only my toes would point UP instead of being curved down with my legs. They lay across me, with my hands planted on their chest and their ankles balanced on the tips of my toes. The effect is almost like they are floating over me and they have complete control of how each limb so they can flail around and still not fall. It looks much neater than I am descibing but it's the best I can do.

The first time Brooke "discovered" it, she said "I'm flying! I'm a superhero and you are my Robin (by this I assumed she meant her sidekick...lol)" She was so excited that she ran into Bub's room to tell him that she learning how to fly on mommy's legs.

Tonight when Bub was on his new flying ride he started flopping his body up and down, with his head going up and his legs went down and vice versa....he yelled "I'm a WHALE!!! WHOOSH WHOOSH! I'm a WHALE!" His body movement was sooo much like the graceful "stride" of a whale moving through water that I laughed my head off at my boys' genius! He is a little riot and I am always surprised at his, and at Brooke's, cleverness. I know it was a simple little thing....a game....but it made my night!

This night goes down in the book of my life right along side "man-days" and "tee-gotchee-got-chee-gaaa"

I love my babies :)

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