so my diet is a bit off again today. cup of coffee and 2 muffins for b'fast. muffin and water for lunch. cookie (1!!). leftover gumbo and rice (again) for dinner and 3 cookies after. drank water w/ meal and green tea now. oh and i snuck half a buddy bar in there somwhere today. not TOO bad, but day is not over yet.
here are the book's that i promised...
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"The Bachelorette Party" by Karen McCulloh Lutz is a great read! You may recognize her name because she co-wrote "Legally Blonde" and "10 Things I Hate About You" as seen on many of your t.v.'s Very VERY funny book. This is one that you will want to finish in one sitting....love it love it LOVE it.
I haven't started on "The Painted Kiss" yet but when I do, I'll get back at ya.
"The Virgin" by Erik Barmack wasn't all that great for me, but then, I am not MALE. this book did give a fun twist to pop culture through a male perspective, albeit a loser male perspective. sardonic and a bit clever (reluctant there) and i guessed the ending far before i should have which doesn't make for a very good read in my book. try it for fun if nothing better to read.
"The Tipping Point" by Malcolm Gladwell is my obligatory "smart book" that i force myself to read so my mind won't get all muddled by the otherwise no thought required books that I usually read. I love Malcolm Gladwell (not in a seedy way, eh) but i like the way he thinks. i liked this book better than "Blink". and I proclaim MR Gladwell the "human nature guru". must read...go get it YESTERDAY.
oh yeah, and if you move your cursor over the books, you will see the line "hosted by image shack" but if you CLICK on the image you will be directed to either the author's webpage or Barnes and Noble....

so that's it for now.....hope i've inspired you to pick up a book....oh and i am thinking of adding another blog to live next door to this one, only it will be all about the books that my kiddos are reading.....that list is wayyyy long, but i want to get it up here someday.
off to watch "Lemony Snickets'" w/ them right now....bringing out the popcorn w/ yummy butter...see i told you the day wasn't over yet. sayonora diet

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