!!kiddos back!!

so i've been too busy to post anything the past few days, but I have a very good excuse....my kiddos are home!!!!!! i went Friday (yes 3 days early) to get them...Brooke almost ripped her carseat to pieces when she spotted me!! i could barely let go of them. but now i sit at my computer in utter contentment...they are just a few steps away! Bub woke up this morning with a headache. he told me that his bed gave him a headache and that i should hold him until his headache went away! (this was at 7 in the morning) so he fell asleep on my arm while we were watching "Rescue Heroes" for the fiftieth time. well, afternoon rolled around and we were trying to think of things to do. when Brandon asked Bub if he wanted to go swimming, he popped right up and said "oh yes! i think swimming will make my headache go all away!" oh the things that come out of his mouth! after swimming (btw, Brooke swam around ON HER OWN for the first time...she had a floatie but this is the first time she's ever let go of me!) we came home, packed a lunch and went to the park for a picnic. we took Hobbes w/ us and had a nice time. a guy came walking up with his dog (a minipinscher) and Hobbes, who barks like a Rottweiler all the time) jumped right up in Brandon's arms and started shaking like a leaf! it was too funny. GOOD NEWS: Brandon's Alpha-1 test came back negative so that's a big wipe off the forehead. now if only he could get that surgery to fix his lung scheduled next month and he will be well on his way back to normal. well, as normal as my weirdo man can be i guess. ok, now i'm off to clip my Sunday coupons....oh yeah, and the answer to my Q a week or so ago....what is the most contagious thing in the world? ans: a yawn. yawwwwwn. tell me, did YOU just yawn?? even typing the word makes me YAWWWWWN

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Echo said...

Congrats on the Alpha-1 test! I know that's a huge weight lifted.

Enjoy your kiddos! :D