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so i've been lazy about posting on my blog. spent yesterday afternoon by the pool and my chest got blistered. ugh. planned on going doing the same 2day (laying by the pool, not getting blistered) but thought that my chest had already been subjected to enough heat for the time being....hopefully it'll fade in a day or two. kiddos leaving on Sat w/ my man's parents...while it will be nice to have a little time to ourselves, i think i will go stir crazy without them. i've never been away from them so long when i didn't have anything else to keep me busy (the other times i have been away so long were when i stayed w/ mom a few times @ the hospital and when she died last year...so my mind was very occupied)..this time, i dunno WHAT i will do!!!
i have a Q and i will give you the answer sometime this week...i want to see how many of you can answer correctly....
What is the most contagious thing in the world!???
This is not a trick Q and i want your honest answer!! I think you'll find the correct answer very interesting!
Learned a very important lesson in Life101 Sunday night. i painted a small stool that my mother made when she was in the 10th grade. it was just a plain wooded stool that at diff times in its life has been used as an end table, a nightstand, a footstool, and even a toilet paper holder. i painted it a nice semiglossy creme and had hopes of putting it in the corner of my d'stairs bath. i left it downstairs overnight to dry and when i got up the next morning i was face to face w/ a very shabbily painted stool. it's creme now, but there are strips of the old brown wood peeking through the pretty paint. it's not a better version of the stool, only a differnet version. what did i do wrong!? then it dawned on me. i didn't prine my stool. b/c it wasn't primed, all of the old paint was allowed to seep through. so, in a way that is all my own, i applied this to life. often we get in a rush to do something and we don't take the time to prime ourselves before we jump in the paint bucket. i remember being in middle school wishing i could hurry and get to high school, then getting to high school wishing i could hurry and get OUT of school altogether. after that came marriage, quickly after that kiddos. did i really have time to "prime" myself for all of those big changes that happened so quickly in my life? now i work to be a better wife, mother, sister, friend....i "prime" myself every morning, in hopes that one day someone will look at me and see a well primed nicely "painted" person. one day, when my kiddos are a bit older, i will buy them a stool and let them paint....and show them that nothing in life should be rushed, because when it is, it never turns out to be the pretty object that you have in your head.

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