monday sans kiddos

ok so i planned on having the garage finished, the pantry repainted and all of my laundry done by this time (9:00pm) and well, i picked up a little trash in the garage and washed ONE load and didn't even look at the pantry (unless you count getting the brownies out of it looking at it) so pretty much NOTHING on my to-do list has gotten DONE. so i'm adding 2day's list to tomorrow's list and i was planning on laying by the pool w/ my book tomorrow.all day. icksnay on that eh?
so my MIL called me this morn and let me know that my boy is missing me and wanting to "go to my mommy's house because i miss my mommy and my hobbsey" ahhhhhhh makes me feel even worse about them being gone. dang i miss my babies and i am doing nothing but watch TV to distract me......they are taking pics 2nite on the beach in PC so i am waiting, very impatiently i may add, for her to call me and let me know how it went AND to hear their voices again..
i used some of my M'day giftcard to buy a food chopper i've been wanting for a while @ BBand B. didn't need anything else or find anything else that i really wanted so i'm saving it for whenever i am in need of a shopping fix. i love giftcards b/c i love to get exactly what i want and never have to return anything.
my man and i have been having a nice time acting like newlyweds....i rented "Meet the Fockers" for us to watch 2nite but it may turn in to a tomorrow night movie b/c he won't get off until midnight tonight. sucks b/c i hate being alone at night.....good thing is, it's just for the night b/c he's filling in for someone else....
off for now, hopefully when i check in tomorrow at least half of my to-do list will be finished...tune in for the cliff-hanger......

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