scare of my life

i had THE scare of my life today, but i don't want to talk about it just yet. that's how upsetting it was. so while i am shaking the memory off, i will try to find something else to write about. hmm. the weather looks good. dog barking incesstantly is driving me out of my mind. kiddos outside throwing dirt over the fence at the neighbor kids (and making some sort of weird barking noise while they are at it) headache is still hanging around. making fried rice for dinner (hoping it turns out as well as Aunt To's , but doubtful since i am working on memory alone.)
exciting eh? with all that behind me, i want to talk about season finales....Desperate Housewives was good....but the relationship that i am most interested in now is Bree's and the CREEP ME OUT pharmishist. hate it that her husband died, but after all that's gone on w/ her this season, don't guess there was much room for a happily ever after storyline. and WHAT is UP with the new neighbors? will have to wait and see like everyone else i guess.......Grey's Anatomy!!!!!!!!! OMG!!!!!! i can't get the "I'm so sorry" out of my head!!!!! what a surprise....and for once on a season finale i am TRULY surprised.....and mad at Shepard. UGH. but i still love Patrick Dempsey (who is one of the most drool worthy men ever EVER!!!) "I'm so sorry" "I'm so sorry" ARGHHH when does this show start again!!??! and what ever happened to that show "American Dreams"???? i really liked that one.....now the only other finale i am interested in is American Idol....once this is over, my family can have their tv's back.until next season anyhow.
enough tv,
now that my mind has been sufficiently distracted, my scare.....
we went to the pool 2day after an appt i had. Brooke had on her swimmies and KNOWS never to take them off. so, i was twirling bub in the pool and Brooke was on the steps behind us. (not 4 feet away) i realized she had gotten quiet (no splashing or gabbing)....so i turned around thinking she'd gotten back out and was eating Goldfish, but she wasn't. she was laying face DOWN in the pool. her little legs were just barely moving as if she were trying to kick herself over to the side. i DIED 5 TIMES and jerked her up out of the water. she just kinda gulped real hard and looked at me all terrified. she wrapped herself around me and we just sat on the edge of the pool, both of us shaking like leaves. i couldn't let go of her for about five minutes...i kept picturing her in the water...i will prob have dreams about it tonight. when she calmed down, she looked up at me and said "Mommy, that's why you should never hold your nose and close your eyes to go under the water" the EXACT same thing i tell her everytime we go to the pool. maybe this time it really sunk in. literally. ah, i can't even begin to think of what i'd be like if i'd waited ONE more minute to turn around. thank GOD for mommy ears.

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shell said...

hey...where were yall!?!?1....so like she was UNDER the water?!?...i mean tell me thats wat happened cuz if thats wat happened OMG!!!!....i cant believe that!!...ya seriously thank god 4 mommy ears!!!!!!!!! lol