you saw it here first

on refresh yourself on my 5-3 post. those of you who watched the OC tonight and saw Seth reading "Sex, Drugs, and Cocoa Puffs" by Chuck Klosterman.....YOU SAW IT HERE FIRST! yes yes i've already read it. and as i've already said, you must read it. i'm sure it will now become a staple of pop-culture (as it should be). but i read it first. heh.
so i went to the pool today w/ the kiddos and a friend of mine, Melinda and her boy, Brent. she's 35 and looks better in a bikini then i ever have in my LIFE. kudos to her....we had a nice time and my boy has finally found someone he loves to play with! i like to watch them together. Brooke was brave and swam around on her own all over the pool, as did Brandon. Brent also decided to give it a try and strapped on a floatie and swam around some for the first time.
i'm working on a few new books, no rush b/c i've been busy and i haven't had much chance to read....and i;ve been too tired at bedtime to even flip the first page. i did read a few last week buy need to find the covers to post on here....procrastinator i am, i'll post them later. read one VERY good and one VERY VERY bad. will share both later.
so my diet was last on my priority list today. big red's visiting so i don't care much really. funny how all my resolve goes straight down the drain when the red eye comes to town. here's what i ate today: orange/strawberry drink for b/fast, 2 cookies b4 swimming, leftover prosiutto cream pasta from last night, 3 more cookies, more than a cup of cheese nips, another cookie, and i just ate a bowl of rice and chicken gumbo. argh. should've started w/ coffee or green tea. no worries, after all, tomorrow is another day.
just saw my frist trailer for Dukes of Hazzard. think i'll see this one in the theater. try to anyhow. ok, kiddos are done w/ dinner so i am off here to play another game of Memory (3rd time today).

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shelbey*!* said...

omgsh! i watched the OC and i KNEW i had seen that book title sumwhere!!...well i found it...lol...but ya the OC was AWESOME!...i seirously cant wait to see next weeks...its gettin GOOD!...lol...but ya s0o the kiddos can swim on their own now!!...SAWEET!...lol...im out!...<3..ur lil sis