A goodie for me

I have been browsing the antique shops here and have found many little treasures. I am obsessed with the antique shops here because the majority of them are huge buildings with rented booth space to an enormous variety of vendors. I can spend hours upon hours just picking my way through these places! I have come across an old metal Parcheesi board game, an old cabinet door, two adorable wooden prints of a boy and a girl.....and this little blue box that I fell in love with. I haven't taken pics of my other finds yet....but simply had to of this one because it came from LODI, OHIO! I just thought it was a divine way of saying, "BUY MEEEEE!* So this pic is really for Lori.....but you can enjoy it as well.

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lori said...

isn't that crazy? and just think a few years ago Lodi Ohio would have had no meaning at all to you :-)