Happy *day late* birthday:)

Yesterday my brother Ricky would have been 28 years old. I meant to get on here to do my annual tribute to him, but we were out all day and then went to church last night...so I am making up for it today;) I often write about Ricky and my mom....people may tire of it, but writing about them...thinking about them....keep them alive in my heart. I was thinking yesterday that if he were still living I am sure that I would have just sent a card or called to say Happy Birthday. I don't think I would be writing a tribute to him on my blog. Isn't it sad that more often than not in life, we leave all the good things about that person unsaid until after they are gone? So on Ricky's birthday this year, I thought I would do something a little different...but something I think he would appreciate all the same.

This year my brother Daryl's birthday passed and I am not sure if I even sent a card to him. I called him for sure, but he and I don't really do the card bit every year. We don't send presents to each other...simply call to remind the other that the other a year older, and we still love each other;) I don't write much about Daryl in my blogs...maybe in passing or in the anticipation of a visit, or in the satisfaction of a visit just passed. I spoke with him on the phone today and told him some things that I don't know why I've waited to long to say.

I remember the way you were while we were growing up....short and chunky, always walking around with a chip on your shoulder. You wore your heart on your sleeve and loved to pout or throw a fist when you didn't get your way. There were times that many shook their heads at you and the choices you were making after high school...I was one of them:) But you made your mistakes, learned from them...and GREW. That alone is something to be proud of. You've been down some bumpy roads, had some curve balls thrown at you....some of your own making:)...but you've come out on the other side with your head on straight and held high. You know who you are and are comfortable in your own skin...never putting on airs or pretenses with anyone. *and i do mean, anyone!* Your philosophy on life is so much like mine...that I have to think that mum and dad really did SOMETHING right. You're hardworking and honest....true to those who you love. You've always got my back...and you're always, ALWAYS there for me, even when it's something trivial or silly. There are few other people who know me, GET me...the way you do. You're an amazing brother...and you've grown into an amazing man. I'm so proud to call you my brother, Daryl.....but even more proud....BLESSED...to call you a true friend. I love you way down deep and more than all the mandarin orange pies in the world:)*ok, maybe not ALL of them....LOL!*

**This is my tribute to Ricky...my brother who isn't here to read the many great things I could say about him. Daryl and Ricky were best friends in ways that I can't imagine. We were so lucky...blessed to have him in our lives for almost 17 years. I know writing this would make perfect sense to him...and if he is looking down from heaven...I know there is a big old smile on his face:) Happy 28th Ricky! I love you and miss you as much today as that first moment you left*

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