ohhhh happy DAY~

Yes, it's been raining here all day *and yesterday* to the point school was closed due to spot flooding. Yes, I've had a crick in my neck for two days that has caused me to lose sleep and ache throughout the day. Yes, I have had tummy cramps all day. Yes, I started a colon cleansing treatment that has me feeling off kilter today. But I got a tidbit of good news today that made it all seem so small:) Lori called to tell me A DATE!!!! The Schrier's of Oh'di'hio are coming to visit us in June!! YEHAW!!!

If you read my blog enough, you'll already know that my best pal on God's green earth is a lovely little gem of a lady named, Lori. Back in November, Lori moved away from Columbia *and ME!* to relocate to HER home state, Ohio. We were both sad to be forced to live in different parts of the country and it really sucked to lose her in Columbia. Lucky for me, my stay there without her wasn't for long...as WE relocated in Jan. back to OUR homestate.

Never in my life have I been blessed to have a friendship quite like the one she and I share. Sure, I've had "best" friends who knew a lot about me, that I hung out with and had amazing, unforgettable times with....but none have touched my life or changed my life so....incredibly...like Lori's has. She's the simplest, most unassuming person I've ever met. She wears her feelings on her face....her heart on her sleeve *and she has a pretty darn big one!*. She always, ALWAYS...thinks of others before herself and is always encouraging me to put myself in someone else's shoes. She gives me the best advice...even if I don't listen to it all the time;) We can talk for hours...about absolutely NOTHING...yet I still feel happy and content when we hang up the phone. She's only a *few* years older than me, but she has become one of my biggest role models. I look to her for a kick in the pants when I need one...and she never fails to deliver!!

We once went to this chinese restaurant for lunch and in her fortune cookie was a message, "Your soul mate if sitting right across from you". We had a good laugh over it...and thankfully our husband's weren't jealous when we told them that we BELIEVED that fortune was true!!! HA!

Lori...you get me. In and out. I never have to put on airs for you. Never have to wear a mask of courage or bravery for you. You know when I am hurting...and you always....ALWAYS...make me feel better by showing me the brighter side of things. You let me talk over you...and you laugh about it and talk right back over me. Each conversation that we share is like a big warm hug. You're my sister in every sense of the word *except for blood and all that nonsense...LOL!* I am super excited that you guys will be coming for a visit!! I know that we won't be able to pack in everything that I want you to see/do in 4-5 days....but even if we get rained out and stuck in this house....my summer, my YEAR...will be made that much sweeter just knowing that you wanted to visit us. I love you so much and can hardly wait to see my spazzy Nortney...and my OCD Cody:) ahh, and my biggest fan, Duane!! HAHAHA! So get to that colon cleansing , get yourself out of that Ohio closet that you've been shut up in *ie: get some SUN!*...and let's start the countdown!!

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lori said...

what a boost! I'll be printing this out and putting it on my fridge lol and i'll be dreaming of the beach tonight :) i can't wait to get down there to see yoooou!!! btw i found 'it' at walmart it was $17.98 LOL xoxoxoxo