not sure if i am in one piece, but i've arrived.....

The move to PC went very smoothly and we are now nearly settled in! The weather has been ok....mostly higher temps, but the last 2 days have been pretty chilly. Since we've been home we've done a lot of really fun things that DON'T include unpacking and breaking down boxes;) The kids are settled into their new classes....and both seem to really like their teachers. B LOVES his new job and is excited about the prospect of the job taking him to different parts of the world. I am content....just sitting by the water and watching the waves! I thought I would list a few reasons why it is so great to be back in PC...if not for your enjoyment, then to put a smile on my face when I need a reminder!

1. Tally-Ho cuban sandwiches! I've had two since I've been home, along with their amazing french fries. My mum took us here to eat so many times growing up, so eating here never fails to make me think of her and smile. I also can't fail to think of the time that a seagull pooped on my sandwich but I thought it was mayo and no one told me different until AFTER I'd swallowed...but that's another story.

2. The marina. I love to sit on the marina and watch the water. It's very relaxing and seeing how much water surrounds me reminds me of how small I am and how big God is. I've already had lunch with Lori at the marina *you can see our pics here: Lori's Page . I've always loved the marina, but now that L can spy on me while I am doing lunch makes even MORE loveable!

3. The antique shops. Oh. My. Stars. I am in absolute HEAVEN when I am getting lost in the antique vendor booths. The hidden treasures go on for millllles.

4. REALLY FRESH SEAFOOD. Not much else can be said about that...except for the fact that I can get FRESH oysters ANYTIME I feel like it...mwahahhahahahaaa...that was thrown in just to annoy my daddy:)

5. Bagel Maker. Yummmm!!! Every Wednesday I would buy a FRESH sesame bagel with honey walnut cream cheese *HOMEMADE CREAM CHEESE!* and eat it at the marina. I am so happy that I can now start this tradition again. Maybe not every Wednesday...but at least now I can get them whenever I want them!!

6. The beach. The pretty blue green water and the incomparable WHITE sand that is the mark of a true beach for me:) I am a sand snob...and the prettiest sand I've ever seen is here. YAYY!!! Now I can hardly wait for summer time so I can lay in it and get sand glued to my scalp and stuck in crevices that I didn't know existed!

7. Family. I'y happy to be right up the road from my in-laws...and loving that I'm learning that Vickie and I have a lot more in common than I thought:) I'm excited for the kids to spend more time with their cousins!!!

8. Ray, Shark, and turtle spotting. If you're at Mexico beach at the right time of the day, you can see black tips and rays feeding off the sand bars. It's a very cool thing to see, trust me. In the fall, we can help release baby sea turtles in the evening...we did this when Brooke was a baby so I am exicted to do it again now that the kids are big and I know they will be able to appreciate when they are doing!

9. I know there are more reasons...most of them including FOOD, but I am tired of typing for now...if I think of anymore, I will add them:) For now...enjoy the following posts that will update you on our first two weeks back home~

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Faith and Chad & the boys said...

So glad you have settled in so well and I'm jealous of all of these yummy foods and treasured haunts! There really is 'no place like home' ...