Snow Day......Panama City style!

The weekend after we got here, Desiree asked if I would like to take the kids with her and Anthony to something called "Snow Day" at Gymnastics Plus. Thinking there was no way to have actual snow here, and assuming it would be something similar to SnowVille in Columbia, I dressed the kids as appropriate to the weather that day...which was very warm. So you'll see Brooke in flip-flops and Bub in shorts. We arrive, and much to my surprise....there is a snow machine chopping up ice and spitting it out on the ground for the kids to play in. The did it at regular intervals so the snow wouldn't melt.....and there was a snow slide for the kids to enjoy as well. It was all so laughingly redneck *and I say that lovingly!* The kids had a blast....but Brooke's little toes were frozen! This is how we do snow....Florida style:)

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