Sunset cruise

Brandon took the kids and I out on our new boat for the first time last weekend! I am in love with the boat...especially since it has a cabin that I can hide in when he goes too fast;) We rode out past Shell Island and the jetties, then anchored down at sunset under the Hathaway bridge to watch the dolphins...they were literally rolling all around us! SO beautiful....and you can imagine the looks on the kids faces. On Sunday, B, Bub, and I went out to Mexico beach and anchored down trying to catch grouper *which were out of season, but would have been fun to catch anyhow*...but had no luck. We DID have a great time though and Bub earned his sea legs!

Brooke poked her head out for a minute, but pretty much stayed inside the cabin while we were riding.

Bub and I...I tried to get the sunset in the backgroud...not much luck!

ahhh, beautiful!

Brandon...but you can call him Cappy:)

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