I am in Star Wars mode tonight because my cousin, Chris, gave Bub a trunk load of figurines and other odd/end Star Wars toys....so we've been playing with them all afternoon. Yes, if you haven't guessed it by now...I enjoy playing with my kids. On the floor. With dolls and boy toys. I ROCK at sound effects, trust me;) Between my finding the Galactic Heroes Millennium Falcon at Walmart yesterday *I've looked for that thing for 1 full YEAR* and Bub having a Star Wars Christmas today, I can't get away from anything Star Wars tonight. It's even stalking me online! I was browsing blogs tonight and came across this one that gave me a good laugh. If you're not a Star Wars fan, you probably won't be able to appreciate the humor that I find in it....but if you ARE a fan....this little girl sums up SW very well;) *you'll need to scroll down and stop my music player to be able to hear her*


new pretties

I spent last week hunting for a special Easter center piece that will go on my new table *if the dern thing ever comes in, that is.* I got SUPER lucky when I came across this really incredible store called Franci's. Franci's is a sweet little store that is chock FULL of wonderful odds and ends, antiques, and refurbished bits and pieces. I found an incredible lazy susan that is finished in an amazing green milk paint! I am going to use it as a cake plate as well, because it is plenty big enough to be one. I also found a petit four stand, finished in a flat ivory, a glass bead wreath, a green milk painted planter, and a few things that will help fill up the hutch that my mother in law gave me. I also went to another antique shop and found some speckled robin's eggs, two little buttery yellow chicks, and a dozen brown chicken eggs. All of this in ONE day! Put some of my finds together and I have my Easter center piece!

I think it is absolutely adorable:) I want to find a few miniature nests to place in the petit holders, but for now I just have the speckled eggs in each one. Here are a few pics of my new pretties~~also, I took a pic of my new rug...not the whole thing, but a corner piece because the thing is in desperate need of a vacuuming! The hutch was a gift from my MIL...I am planning on refinishing the brown top to match the shabby'd up hutch. If you click on that pic, you'll be able to see how perfectly aged it is! I am in loooove with it!


ohhhh happy DAY~

Yes, it's been raining here all day *and yesterday* to the point school was closed due to spot flooding. Yes, I've had a crick in my neck for two days that has caused me to lose sleep and ache throughout the day. Yes, I have had tummy cramps all day. Yes, I started a colon cleansing treatment that has me feeling off kilter today. But I got a tidbit of good news today that made it all seem so small:) Lori called to tell me A DATE!!!! The Schrier's of Oh'di'hio are coming to visit us in June!! YEHAW!!!

If you read my blog enough, you'll already know that my best pal on God's green earth is a lovely little gem of a lady named, Lori. Back in November, Lori moved away from Columbia *and ME!* to relocate to HER home state, Ohio. We were both sad to be forced to live in different parts of the country and it really sucked to lose her in Columbia. Lucky for me, my stay there without her wasn't for long...as WE relocated in Jan. back to OUR homestate.

Never in my life have I been blessed to have a friendship quite like the one she and I share. Sure, I've had "best" friends who knew a lot about me, that I hung out with and had amazing, unforgettable times with....but none have touched my life or changed my life so....incredibly...like Lori's has. She's the simplest, most unassuming person I've ever met. She wears her feelings on her face....her heart on her sleeve *and she has a pretty darn big one!*. She always, ALWAYS...thinks of others before herself and is always encouraging me to put myself in someone else's shoes. She gives me the best advice...even if I don't listen to it all the time;) We can talk for hours...about absolutely NOTHING...yet I still feel happy and content when we hang up the phone. She's only a *few* years older than me, but she has become one of my biggest role models. I look to her for a kick in the pants when I need one...and she never fails to deliver!!

We once went to this chinese restaurant for lunch and in her fortune cookie was a message, "Your soul mate if sitting right across from you". We had a good laugh over it...and thankfully our husband's weren't jealous when we told them that we BELIEVED that fortune was true!!! HA!

Lori...you get me. In and out. I never have to put on airs for you. Never have to wear a mask of courage or bravery for you. You know when I am hurting...and you always....ALWAYS...make me feel better by showing me the brighter side of things. You let me talk over you...and you laugh about it and talk right back over me. Each conversation that we share is like a big warm hug. You're my sister in every sense of the word *except for blood and all that nonsense...LOL!* I am super excited that you guys will be coming for a visit!! I know that we won't be able to pack in everything that I want you to see/do in 4-5 days....but even if we get rained out and stuck in this house....my summer, my YEAR...will be made that much sweeter just knowing that you wanted to visit us. I love you so much and can hardly wait to see my spazzy Nortney...and my OCD Cody:) ahh, and my biggest fan, Duane!! HAHAHA! So get to that colon cleansing , get yourself out of that Ohio closet that you've been shut up in *ie: get some SUN!*...and let's start the countdown!!


Happy *day late* birthday:)

Yesterday my brother Ricky would have been 28 years old. I meant to get on here to do my annual tribute to him, but we were out all day and then went to church last night...so I am making up for it today;) I often write about Ricky and my mom....people may tire of it, but writing about them...thinking about them....keep them alive in my heart. I was thinking yesterday that if he were still living I am sure that I would have just sent a card or called to say Happy Birthday. I don't think I would be writing a tribute to him on my blog. Isn't it sad that more often than not in life, we leave all the good things about that person unsaid until after they are gone? So on Ricky's birthday this year, I thought I would do something a little different...but something I think he would appreciate all the same.

This year my brother Daryl's birthday passed and I am not sure if I even sent a card to him. I called him for sure, but he and I don't really do the card bit every year. We don't send presents to each other...simply call to remind the other that the other a year older, and we still love each other;) I don't write much about Daryl in my blogs...maybe in passing or in the anticipation of a visit, or in the satisfaction of a visit just passed. I spoke with him on the phone today and told him some things that I don't know why I've waited to long to say.

I remember the way you were while we were growing up....short and chunky, always walking around with a chip on your shoulder. You wore your heart on your sleeve and loved to pout or throw a fist when you didn't get your way. There were times that many shook their heads at you and the choices you were making after high school...I was one of them:) But you made your mistakes, learned from them...and GREW. That alone is something to be proud of. You've been down some bumpy roads, had some curve balls thrown at you....some of your own making:)...but you've come out on the other side with your head on straight and held high. You know who you are and are comfortable in your own skin...never putting on airs or pretenses with anyone. *and i do mean, anyone!* Your philosophy on life is so much like mine...that I have to think that mum and dad really did SOMETHING right. You're hardworking and honest....true to those who you love. You've always got my back...and you're always, ALWAYS there for me, even when it's something trivial or silly. There are few other people who know me, GET me...the way you do. You're an amazing brother...and you've grown into an amazing man. I'm so proud to call you my brother, Daryl.....but even more proud....BLESSED...to call you a true friend. I love you way down deep and more than all the mandarin orange pies in the world:)*ok, maybe not ALL of them....LOL!*

**This is my tribute to Ricky...my brother who isn't here to read the many great things I could say about him. Daryl and Ricky were best friends in ways that I can't imagine. We were so lucky...blessed to have him in our lives for almost 17 years. I know writing this would make perfect sense to him...and if he is looking down from heaven...I know there is a big old smile on his face:) Happy 28th Ricky! I love you and miss you as much today as that first moment you left*


not sure if i am in one piece, but i've arrived.....

The move to PC went very smoothly and we are now nearly settled in! The weather has been ok....mostly higher temps, but the last 2 days have been pretty chilly. Since we've been home we've done a lot of really fun things that DON'T include unpacking and breaking down boxes;) The kids are settled into their new classes....and both seem to really like their teachers. B LOVES his new job and is excited about the prospect of the job taking him to different parts of the world. I am content....just sitting by the water and watching the waves! I thought I would list a few reasons why it is so great to be back in PC...if not for your enjoyment, then to put a smile on my face when I need a reminder!

1. Tally-Ho cuban sandwiches! I've had two since I've been home, along with their amazing french fries. My mum took us here to eat so many times growing up, so eating here never fails to make me think of her and smile. I also can't fail to think of the time that a seagull pooped on my sandwich but I thought it was mayo and no one told me different until AFTER I'd swallowed...but that's another story.

2. The marina. I love to sit on the marina and watch the water. It's very relaxing and seeing how much water surrounds me reminds me of how small I am and how big God is. I've already had lunch with Lori at the marina *you can see our pics here: Lori's Page . I've always loved the marina, but now that L can spy on me while I am doing lunch makes even MORE loveable!

3. The antique shops. Oh. My. Stars. I am in absolute HEAVEN when I am getting lost in the antique vendor booths. The hidden treasures go on for millllles.

4. REALLY FRESH SEAFOOD. Not much else can be said about that...except for the fact that I can get FRESH oysters ANYTIME I feel like it...mwahahhahahahaaa...that was thrown in just to annoy my daddy:)

5. Bagel Maker. Yummmm!!! Every Wednesday I would buy a FRESH sesame bagel with honey walnut cream cheese *HOMEMADE CREAM CHEESE!* and eat it at the marina. I am so happy that I can now start this tradition again. Maybe not every Wednesday...but at least now I can get them whenever I want them!!

6. The beach. The pretty blue green water and the incomparable WHITE sand that is the mark of a true beach for me:) I am a sand snob...and the prettiest sand I've ever seen is here. YAYY!!! Now I can hardly wait for summer time so I can lay in it and get sand glued to my scalp and stuck in crevices that I didn't know existed!

7. Family. I'y happy to be right up the road from my in-laws...and loving that I'm learning that Vickie and I have a lot more in common than I thought:) I'm excited for the kids to spend more time with their cousins!!!

8. Ray, Shark, and turtle spotting. If you're at Mexico beach at the right time of the day, you can see black tips and rays feeding off the sand bars. It's a very cool thing to see, trust me. In the fall, we can help release baby sea turtles in the evening...we did this when Brooke was a baby so I am exicted to do it again now that the kids are big and I know they will be able to appreciate when they are doing!

9. I know there are more reasons...most of them including FOOD, but I am tired of typing for now...if I think of anymore, I will add them:) For now...enjoy the following posts that will update you on our first two weeks back home~

Sunset cruise

Brandon took the kids and I out on our new boat for the first time last weekend! I am in love with the boat...especially since it has a cabin that I can hide in when he goes too fast;) We rode out past Shell Island and the jetties, then anchored down at sunset under the Hathaway bridge to watch the dolphins...they were literally rolling all around us! SO beautiful....and you can imagine the looks on the kids faces. On Sunday, B, Bub, and I went out to Mexico beach and anchored down trying to catch grouper *which were out of season, but would have been fun to catch anyhow*...but had no luck. We DID have a great time though and Bub earned his sea legs!

Brooke poked her head out for a minute, but pretty much stayed inside the cabin while we were riding.

Bub and I...I tried to get the sunset in the backgroud...not much luck!

ahhh, beautiful!

Brandon...but you can call him Cappy:)

My Little Pony LIVE

For Valentines this year, I bought the kids tickets to see My Little Pony LIVE. It was such a cute show and the kids had so much fun waving their own teacups and trying to catch streamers. Bub wanted to take all the pics, so I let him capture the majority of them. Here are a few from their fun night out on the town with Sew and Sew and Pink Pie!

A goodie for me

I have been browsing the antique shops here and have found many little treasures. I am obsessed with the antique shops here because the majority of them are huge buildings with rented booth space to an enormous variety of vendors. I can spend hours upon hours just picking my way through these places! I have come across an old metal Parcheesi board game, an old cabinet door, two adorable wooden prints of a boy and a girl.....and this little blue box that I fell in love with. I haven't taken pics of my other finds yet....but simply had to of this one because it came from LODI, OHIO! I just thought it was a divine way of saying, "BUY MEEEEE!* So this pic is really for Lori.....but you can enjoy it as well.

Snow Day......Panama City style!

The weekend after we got here, Desiree asked if I would like to take the kids with her and Anthony to something called "Snow Day" at Gymnastics Plus. Thinking there was no way to have actual snow here, and assuming it would be something similar to SnowVille in Columbia, I dressed the kids as appropriate to the weather that day...which was very warm. So you'll see Brooke in flip-flops and Bub in shorts. We arrive, and much to my surprise....there is a snow machine chopping up ice and spitting it out on the ground for the kids to play in. The did it at regular intervals so the snow wouldn't melt.....and there was a snow slide for the kids to enjoy as well. It was all so laughingly redneck *and I say that lovingly!* The kids had a blast....but Brooke's little toes were frozen! This is how we do snow....Florida style:)