All in a day's work

After D and G left this morning, the whole family headed outside to do some much needed yard work! Brandon hopped on the mower and cut the grass, while the kids and I tackled the garden. I wish I would have taken a "before" picture, but you'll have to settle for the "after" one instead:)

For years, I have wanted my own vegetable garden. I love fresh veges, and for some reason, they seem to taste better when they come from your own backyard! After much weeding, fertilizing, and weeding some more....the garden was ready for some seeds. I chose to plant sweet carrots, sugar snap peas, cucumbers, squash, sunflower, and some herbs. I did overplant the squash and cuc's, just in case some of the seeds were duds...and I am going to plant some peppers later this week. The tomato plant that we put in a month ago is getting pretty big as well, so I will be trussing it up sometime soon. The kids had a blast helping me pull weeds, and were rewarded with the random earthworn making an appearance. It's going to be great when they help me harvest the vege's, knowing that THEY had a hand in helping them grow!

Here are a few pics of the kids helping out, along with an amazing "after" shot. We all have a bit of sunburn and our hands are stained by the soil....but I guarantee that we will sleep well tonight!

The silver bags you see beside the garden are grounds from Starbucks. You can request for them to save the grounds for you to use in your garden. It's a great way to recycle AND they are free:) I meant to take a picture of the compost box we have in the backyard as well, but I forgot. You don't have to buy fertilizer from the store if you can make your own in a compost box;) I'll be picking up a few more bags of grounds to jumpstart the box later this week.

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