Funky Finds on a lunch break:)

If you look closely in the background, you'll see the ladder I found 2 weeks ago. If was $45 then, and I didn't really want to spend that much on it. I went back today and it was on sale for $18!!! WOW! This urn is so sweet. It has little bits of red and blue paint on it. The pig....what can I say about him...he is just precious:) He's wooden and pretty heavy for a little guy. Candy Cane lane sign came from the same booth that I got the ladder. It was originally marked $10, but I got it for $4!

These metal bowls are fantastic!! I think I will use them somehow in the half bath. Not sure yet, but I had to have them.

Wooden airplane w/ metal attachments. So cute. He will sit on the bookshelf too. The book stand will be in the kitchen, unless I decide to use it w/ a picture on the bookshelf. I will be using it at my SLAH parties too, as a book display*duh*.

Growing up I'd always heard that kissing a pig would bring you good luck. Maybe it was because there were very few people who would actually want to kiss a pig, I don't know. Either way...I am kissing my little guy for loads of it!

Here I am again with my pig. I need a name for him.....I really don't know WHY I got so excited over him...I don't even collect pigs. The color, maybe? Hmmm. Still, he is awfully cute.

I met my old pal, Beth, downtown for lunch today...we had a good time catching up and are planning on doing lunch every other week:) I am super excited to start spending a bit of time with my oldest friend....AND, doing so will give me an excuse to browse more antique shops downtown:) *as if I needed an excuse!! HAHA!* Today I found a lot of new little things to add to my bookshelf. I bought a 6 shelf bookcase when we moved, and now I need things to fill it up with!!! *don't tell me...BOOKS...because we already have a shelf for books in the music room;)* Here are some pics of my fabulous finds!! Lori....I can hardly wait for you to get here so you can go crazy with me at these great shops~it will be fun shopping with someone other than myself!!

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