I linked the recipe for my crawfish pie from last week's menu to my other blog. Instead of posting recipes on THIS blog, and eating up my space, I have decided to just keep the other one for recipes.You can scroll over the recipe and click on the link provided from Menu Monday.

Another thing....

Most of my readers know that I've been a Cookie Lee Jewelry consultant for almost a year now. I love to wear the jewelry, but after many returns and pieces breaking, tarnishing too quickly, and personally being unhappy with the product quality in general, I decided to stop selling in January. Upon moving to Florida, I also knew that I wouldn't have much of a core clientele group because the majority of the people I know here don't wear it all. Knowing that I still wanted to have my own home based sales business, I decided to become a Southern Living at Home sales consultant. For only $199 I signed up and recieved over $500 worth of product to get me started! This Friday I met my sponsor at a local home and garden show and met several promising clients. My sponsor, Susie, has also said that any bookings she gets from the remaining days of the show....she will give to me, since she lives in Pensacola and the drive is a bit too far for her to make every week. I signed up on Friday and had my kit on SATURDAY! The very next day! I have been to several shows, and am already assured of the quality of product....as well as the guarantee, so I feel very content and at peace with making the switch:)

I am super exicted for my launch party, and my stepmom is hosting a catalog party for me in Mississippi to get this ball rolling. Wish me luck;) You can check out my SLH website by clicking on the link.

Hugs to all of my friends who are having to suffer through the miserable snowstorms!!! I will make you feel a bit less envious of me.....the high here today is only 55 degrees...so no boating for me today:) HAHAHAHA!

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