Menu Plan Monday

My friend Liz has been doing this menu plan Monday thing for a long time now, so I thought it was about time for me to jump on the bandwagon! The idea comes from Orgjunkie, a really great site for those of us who are constantly looking for new and fun ways to organize our lives! One of my goals this year is to transform my home...my LIFE!...into a nice, neat organized little ball:) I've always had the habit of over-extending myself and taking on more than I can handle. Not this year....I am slowing down and re-prioritizing my life, and so far...all is well on the homefront! So here you go~my very first Menu Plan Monday! Thanks, Liz, for the fun idea!

Monday~ Turkey tacos and cheese quesadillas w/ Brandon's homemade salsa

Tuesday~ Crawfish pie w/ french bread and green beans

Wednesday~ Chicken fried steak w/ yukon gold potatoes *the BOX kind..HA! I love them!* and gravy with fried okra

Thursday~ Chicken alfredo w/ fettucine and french bread *having the in-laws over for dinner, so maybe I will throw in a salad*

Friday~ Shrimp and chicken gumbo w/ rice and rolls

I am not including the weekends on here just because we do pizza or something else super easy on those days. Sunday is pretty much whatever is left in the fridge from the previous week. My menu looks super yummy.....I might post pics of some of the dishes on my other blog along with the recipes of a few of them as well. I believe my alfredo recipe is already on there, but will have to check. I do NOT use a mix or that nasty bottled stuff...and my recipe is beyond yummy, so you'll have to try it! For now....I pass on the menu plan Monday challenge to those of you reading! Let me know if you do it and I will check your menu out *and most likely steal some recipes from you!*


Org Junkie said...

Welcome to MPM, thanks for joining us! Sounds like you are on the right path to slow down and getting organized!

Elizabeth said...

You are very welcome my friend! How is Florida?