It's a BOY!

We have a new addition to the family! My daughter is the proud parent to a new baby HAMSTER! Brooke has been begging for a hamster ever since her friend Courtney got one last year. As I am scared of any little critter that poses the possibility of piercing the skin, I have been stalling the purchase of one for ages. When we moved, I told Brooke that if she could be responsible enough to save her own money she could have her hamster. Between report card money, tooth fairy money *she lost another tooth after we moved*, and Valentine's money.....the girl did it! So, after school on Monday I surprised her with the trip to Petsmart to get her new baby. She took her time perusing each and every cage before coming to a decision. I must say, the girl chose well because Pluto is the sweetest little thing. He seems very mild tempered, has yet to bite any of us *except for the hubby....HAHAHA!*, and loves to be held. He loves to run in this little ball we bought him. He rolls ALL over the house....with Hobbes in fast, but tentative pursuit. The dog has yet to figure him out, so he is pretty scared of him for now. Brooke has started reading to him at night as well, so I am thinking this hamster will benefit me as well! Here's a cute pic of our new baby! Welcome home Pluto!

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