an unexpected visitor

I opened the door this morning to find a snapping turtle on my doorstep! The little sucker tried to get in the house, but Hobbes decided to put on his guard dog hat and scare him off. The kids had a good time trying to feed him bibb lettuce....Brooke even picked him up!....and they followed him across the yard trying to figure out where he lives. This is the second time we've had a snapping turtle in our yard, so after a considerable amount of reasonable deduction, we've decided that we have a snapping turtle living under the shed in our backyard! So, we have squirrels in the trees, rabbits in the left corner of the backyard, turtles in the right, and the random cat camping out under the hammock. It's a virtual zoo in my backyard~~

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lori said...

start charging to get into your zoo!