Menu Plan Monday

Monday~ Shrimp Creole w/ rice

Tuesday~ Crunchy ranch tortilla chicken w/ twice baked potatoes

Wednesday~ Honey basted pork chops w/ squash and corn on the cob

Thursday~ Lemon pepper mushroom chicken w/ yukon gold potatoes *I am going to a Taste of Home show this night, so easy is called for! This dish is super easy and quick to prepare. As usual, I am using boxed Yukon Gold potatoes because they are my fav!*

Friday~ Feta stuffed chicken w/ prosciutto and angel hair pasta *my brother is visiting and he LOVES this dish:)*

Saturday~ for breakfast, Creamy Sausage Casserole. I am posting Sat breakfast because Daryl and Ginger will be here, and this is one of our favorite breakfasts. You HAVE to try it! It's like sausage and gravy in handheld form. super yummy!

As with last week, I will post one or two recipes and link to my recipe blog.

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