Happy St Pat's Day!

Every year, Lenny the Leprechaun makes an appearance at our house. Usually just to use the toilet....but this year he decided to eat a few things from the fridge as well! Apparently, the price of gasoline has affected the magical world as well...because this year he didn't leave behind any gold...only a few green carnations! The kids were excited to come home from school today to see if he'd been by the house. Once again, they giggled over the green "pee" in our toilet. Tied to the green carnations that he left behind were notes written on shamrocks in "leprechaun" language! Thank God mum was able to figure out that we could read his messages by looking at them in the mirror! Lenny is the talk of the house tonight....and the kids ate their St Patty's Day themed dinner wondering if he'd like green eggs and ham too;)

ewww! Leprechaun pee-pee! *I really wish he'd start flushing the toilet!*

The St Pat's spread! Green eggs and ham, toast with green butter, green milk, and green cupcakes.

I topped the cupcakes with chocolate shavings. YUM!


lori said...

me thinks you should clean your potty girl!!!! j/k that green pee in the potty thing used to comletely baffle cody :-)

Faith and Chad & the boys said...

We LOVE St. Patty's Day at our house too, it is so cute how the kids get so into it. Very cute ideas!