Menu Plan Monday

Monday~ Pork chops and mashed potatoes *green eggs and ham for kids*
Tuesday~ Pork fried rice w/ carrots and peas
Wednesday~ Chicken Parmesean w/ garlic bread and corn on cob
Thursday~ Fried chicken gizzards, okra, potatoes *baked chicken tenders for me and kids*
Friday~ Tacos and Quesadilla's w/ B's homemade salsa

Easy breezy week....again:) It's one of those weeks that I simply don't feel like putting much effort into figuring out a new menu or doing anything out of the ordinary! *side note about gizzard night....my hubby loves fried livers and gizzards, but the kids and I can't even chew them, much less...swallow! So, because I love B so much, I fry them for him, but make something else for the kids and I. Yes, I am an incredible wifey~!

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