would a kid by any other name.....

I came across a blog in which a mum listed the many nicknames of her kiddos. I had a good laugh over some of them *suga-buga?* and then wondered how many of mine could possibly bring a tickle to someone else's tummy.
From the beginning of *their* time, my kids have been enveloped in a long series of nicknames...not only given by moi...but by the g.p's and uncles as well. I have a "set" nickname for each of them....the one that they like me to tuck them in with, but it doesn't stop me from making new ones up at any random moment of my day...here is a list of the ones i can think of at the moment....

~little *bub's set n'name*
~stringbean *brooke's set nickname"
~muffin bottom
~muffin top
~my bean
~porky *short for porcupine*
~pfrdouck (pronouced fer-douck, given to Brooke by Cappy)
~'douck *short for pfrdouck*
~pfrdouckin-dayshus-peahead-thang *again, another weird name cappy gave his only girl. this was eventually shortened to Pfrdouck. yes, he calls her this everyday*
~BJ *brandon jr*
~double 06
~pappy's poo-poo *weird, i know but my FIL calls Brooke this all the time*
~best bud *cappy's for bub*

YOWZZZA. It's a bloody miracle that my kids actually know their names...Cappy is always making up new ones for them as well, each just as weird as the ones he already has*....I do believe the only time I ever use their given names are when they are in trouble;)

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Lori said...

yet again, you are channeling duane, who gives me and the kids a new wierd name on a daily basis :)