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I am taking advantage of the fact that I can finally sit up straight for longer than 2 minutes by updating my blog. I've been feverishly sick, but I feel the worst is passed and I am left to deal with a terribly swollen, sore throat. Bully for me, blogging requires no talking;) So here is a bit about what I was up to before this nasty virus settled itself upon me!

I made this sweet little dress for Brooke!! I am very proud of it....it's very simple, nothing fancy, but it's the first I've ever made and I think it is pretty fabulous! She looks adorable in it too:) I am going to sew a partridge applique onto it, maybe in the form of a pocket. She loves it;) I am anxious to make a headband that matches it...I am thinking of using white material w/ a teeny partridge in the matching dress material attached to one side. It will be uber cute!!

I've also finally painted this gold framed mirror that I've had for ages! It's now a beautiful green *feldspar by behr* and looks shabbily retro *which is the name I made up to describe my own brand of style...LOL!* and I am in looove with it! Brooke helped me with the paint brush:)

I've also finished painting the inside of my chalkboard cabinet door. Was planning on finishing this up the day that I got sick, but I am sure to finish it by next week. When complete, she'll hang in the kitchen and will be serve as one nifty little notepad! This pic was taken while taping her off...

and one more pic just for Lori....here is the bucket full of oysters that I wrote about last week *week before?*...they were beyond YUMMY! I think they may have tasted better because I was the one who fished them out of the water! *show court what she'll be eating for dinner every night...LOL!*

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hey where's my comment???? aw fooey i don't remember what I said it's been soooo long. aw well....i'll be there in a few day!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!