photographer for hire

every now and then i turn the kids loose with the camera to take pictures of the things that they find interesting. if you've never tried this with your kids, you really must... sometimes the things that they find interesting really may not be what you pictured:) so i turned brooke lose with mine last week while i was painting the chalkboard door. here is what she came up with.

a sleeping pluto. this little guy sleeps in the weirdest positions. we've found him asleep in his wheel with his head hanging out of if. he's a doozy.

after taking this picture, she came out to tell me that bub STILL hadn't finished cleaning his room *hmmm, the makings of a PI??*

and this monstrosity of a stuffed animal. nana bought this massive tweety for brooke sometime last year and it is ALWAYS a task trying to find a place to put it. i guess brooke thought the striped sheet was the perfect touch:)

letting sleeping dogs lie....my dog thinks he is human and here is proof. brooke adores him, but for him...it's a love hate relationship:)

alas, no photo shoot would be complete without a fantastic self portrait~ i love this pic of my girl...and here is proof that she's seen her mum take one too many self portraits!

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Mandi said...

I love these photos - I have a chihuahau that is blonde and he thinks he is human. He actually gets himself under the blanket in the bed and crawls up to the pillow and puts his head on the pillow while the rest of him is under the blanket - little human doggie!!!

I love this dog. I found him on a website and he was bred in another state. The guy who was the breeder said he could arrange to fly him to me. After I looked about it cost me $100 bucks to fly him to me. He had two plane rides one for about an hour and a half from Parks in NSW to Sydney then and hour from Sydney to Melbourne.

The breeder called me after he got back home from putting him on the plane and said he didnt think he could ever do it again because he was sure Charlie was crying when he left him. The breeder is about 80 years old and so gorgeous.

When he arrived he was sooooooo small and in this huge cage and rather scared. He is now a much loved member of the family!!