a bed of my own

the girl and i went on for a bike ride today to the bay park up the street from our house. the water was calm and peaceful....the air was cool...but hot. it's florida, seaside:) i love that feeling~ anyhow, i noticed some oyster shells near the edge of the water and thought that it's just someone's shell dump spot. while the girl ran around, i sat on a flat rock at the edge of the water and poked a stick around in the sand at the shells.....imagine my surprise when i turned an oyster shell over and saw that it was, in fact....WHOLE!!! i'd stumbled upon my very own oyster bed:) YEHAW! i was only able to bring this one home because we didn't have a bag or anything....but it was a doubly! i shucked this lil puppy and almost fell over from the salty smell.....i looove oysters!!! best of all.....cappy says that oyster beds mean....REDFISH!!!! so he's going wading tomorrow morning to try and catch me some dinner;) will keep you posted on his luck.....for now, here's the pic of my oyster!


Lori said...

hope you get some red fish for mothers day!!!!

Lori said...

did you????