here are some more pics from last night....I found my table and bought it, but will pick it up next Friday. I also found a few new pretties that I really want and will keep my fingers crossed that they don't get purchased before I have the money to buy them.

I've been eyeballing this phone for a few weeks now. Price tag: $45...ohhh I want her so bad... I snapped this pic while the kids were playing on the 25 cent horse and boat rides. One row of tent vendors....notice the spanish moss? This pic is for L....the stuff really is EVERYWHERE here~~
The back end of my chevelle.

I want all of these books. Each time that I go to to this shop, I stand in front of this booth and just hold them....beautiful!
This pic is for Vickie....the apple topped Longabergers' I told you about.
This pic is for Lori....*no, I did not get one of these for your b-day present*
My new table!! One chair is missing because it is upstairs with my tag still on it. I can hardly wait to bring this beauty home with me!! Also in this booth are several other pieces of furniture that I want. They are very reasonably priced too....so we'll see!!
The fan that I am drooling over. I really REALLY want it....look at the color!! I never really LOOKED at the beauty of old fans until Lori told me that she loves them....so I had to figure out what all the fuss was about....it is so obvious in this picture, don't you think?


cattytg said...

LOVING the new table...how exciting!

Faith and Chad & the boys said...

Cute finds and even cuter kids!!!

Seeing those Longaberger baskets make me a little homesick ...