for the lack of blogging this week! I've been super busy and simply didn't feel like taking the few minutes to actually blog this week! In lieu of a long blog, I will give you a trailer of the week past....

Worked 2 days with MJ.
Discovered that Sonic serves half price drink from 2-4 EVERYDAY, so we've been spending a whopping 2.30 on slushies everyday since.
Spent a few hours browsing Sam's Club on Tuesday.
Ate some bad food on Tuesday night and suffered near death food poisoning as a result.
Kids stayed home Wednesday, since mum didn't sleep/wake up on time and b/c they were a bit down in the gut as well.
Spent the day shopping with MJ and Debra out at Pier Park. Ate too much of my burger and fries, spent the rest of the day burping and sucking in my gut so I wouldn't look FAT in my jeans.
Returned some furniture that I was unhappy with.
Going tonight to the antique store to REPLACE the furniture that I was unhappy with.

Ok, seeing it in writing, it doesn't look like much does it?

Side note: I am bored out of my mind not working at the moment. I can't really get together with my MeetUp group until the kids get out of school *because I am actually trying to keep the kids group a KIDS group this go around*, my MIL and SIL work a lot, Beth only has time for lunch once a week *or every other...LOL!*... Cappy is in bed all day long. Kids gone to school. I am going STIR crazy not having anything thing productive to occupy myself with at the moment. *although I have been working on some crafty things for my Etsy site....coming soon!* So....I am about to be on the lookout for a job. I have my feelers out, so we'll see what becomes of it. I don't want to JINX myself just yet, so just keep your fingers crossed for me!

Hope everyone has a SPECTACULAR weekend!

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Lori said...

i hope your jobless until after 6/17 oops did i say that out loud?