first friday

On First Friday, Harrison Ave is packed with artsy vendors, vintage and muscle cars, food, antiques, and bands *one band was called the Dashboard Chihuahua's! LOL!*. I adore the atmosphere of Friday Fest. Older people bring lawn chairs to hang out and chat on the sidewalks....kids walk around holding dripping ice cream cones in one hand and a balloon in the other....the smell of frying funnel cakes on one corner, BBQ kabobs on another...men and women stopping to dance in front of one of the street bands...a cool breeze wafting in from the marina's edge....people of all shapes and sizes smiling at each other and engaging in the random conversation with the person in line behind them....small dogs of all types dressed up in swimwear and searsucker suits *I kid you not*.

Making my way down Harrison Avenue last night enveloped me in a feeling of nostaglia. I had a really nice time with the kiddos.....and they are already looking forward to next month's First Friday! Here are a few pictures that I took to share with you:)

The front end of my fav car on the lot....A lovely robin egg blue Chevelle..sigh
Looking up Harrison frome our bench...
The kids loved this car~
and this big ice cream....
but I think they liked the chicken kabobs best. I had to buy TWO of those massive things!

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Lori said...

lol even the coloring is nostalgic