weekend recap, minus menu monday

Yes, I know it was M~Day this weekend, but unlike most of you mum's, mine was pretty mundane...and crummy. My Saturday was spent cleaning the pool to ready it for summer, then spending most of Sunday in bed recovering from cleaning the pool out on Saturday. My back hurt in places that I had never hurt before. Top that, I am PMSing...and in a pretty foul mood. Add the backpain, the cramping, the foul mood...AND the fact that it was Mother's Day....let's just say....this weekend was my worst in a looong while. *for any ears listening to me upstairs...I do not wish a repeat*. I'm not feeling very friendly or nice....but on the flipside, I've found that withdrawing myself from the outside world has opened another door for me....and I have finally started stripping down furniture that I've been needing to refinish:) I felt all artsy-fartsy outside on the driveway today wearing airy summer sheath with my hair in a loose ponytail and headbang perched on top....barefoot...with a paint scraper in my hands. I scraped as much as would come off and hopefully the paint stripper will do its work tonight so I can finish tomorrow:)

~~as for Menu Monday...i am in no mood to think about food, much less plan for it. forgive my moodiness this week....I am sure to be back in full force *and in higher spirits* next week:)~~

i will try and cheer myself up by posting a pic of an apron that I want...have been eyeballing it for while now, so we'll see what becomes of it! I looove it so much...even looking at it makes me smile:)

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Lori said...

at least you're feeling artsy fartsy---we can just call this your "blue period" like picasso, but he couldn't blame his on pms lol :-)