Christmas back home!

For some reason I never take as many pictures at my daddy's that I intend on taking. I am not sure if it's because we all get to running our mouths and I forget....or if it's because I am too busy shoveling food into my mouth to pick the camera up...or if it's simply because I live in one big brain toot while I am there....either way, I always come home wishing I'd taken one with my daddy...or made the kids sit down and take one with him....and this year was no different. I did get a few pics of the road up to my dad's house, just so L can see just how in the country that I am from...but I didn't get a pic of the actual house because when I pulled up in the yard, my daddy was waiting in the front for us *in his pajamas at 4 in the afternoon....go figure! HAHA!* I did get a great pic of me and Daryl, which I do everytime that we are together...and for once he doesn't look too terribly stoned in it. Some cute pics of the kids and of John Reese *who is as yummy as a real Reese Piece!!*....

As usual, I had a WONDERFUL time being home visiting with my family and sitting around doing nothing but....BEING. We went on the fastest furniture shopping trip of my life, as well as the fastest car shopping trip of my life *dad got a new chair AND Sandra got a new truck....all in 2 hours! LOL!* Sandra made my favorite things...green bean casserole and mandarin orange pie....I learned that Ginger has a crazy, grouchy grandma *HAHA!*....caught up with my cousins.....laughed so much that my sides hurt, ate so much that my stomach still hurts....and simply had such a wonderful time being home.

Thanks daddy and Sandra.....every year is the best....you all mean the absolute WORLD to me....thank you for your love and the big arms that welcome me home every time I am there. I love you all sooooooo much! *ps...thanks D...for the BEST Christmas present that you've EVER gotten me...I think we should start telling each other what to get EVERY year! HA! Hope you liked World's End:)*

Kids....getting ready to open presents. Look at Brooke's face! AH, I love it!

My daddy....handing out presents:)

D and Ging....I think you two are the cutest couple ever:)

Bub...opening a present:)

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