Since giving birth to my kiddos, by breasts have adopted a new name. The name was giving to me by...oh, I don't remember which one, but they've both adopted it and it's become quite the joke around here. *the joke being that compared to the true size of them, mountains are far from the correct descriptive term!* So, around this house, my breasts are known as "The Mountains" *duhn, duhn, duuuuuhn!*

The past Saturday morning, Bub and I were cuddling on our mattress pallet in the living room. *we are a bit unconventional around here and if you were to drop in on the weekend, or maybe even then random weekday...you just might find a massive mound of covers atop a mattress in the middle of our living room because I enjoy slepping with the kids, and they love camping out in the living room with me*

It's a win win situation, really.

So back to the story.

We were cuddling, watching cartoons when all of a sudden I realized that he was rubbing his hand back and forth across....my mountains.


So I moved his hand and told him that he can't touch mommys' mountains like that. But he kept on trying...and I kept on pushing his hand away. Then I asked him why he kept on doing it....his answer was such to make any dad proud of his son.

"Because I reaLLy Like your monutains and I reaLLy like to!"

well now.

**disclaimer: As any other normal mother would do, I took this opportunity to tell my son that he shouldn't touch any girls' chest until he were married. This was not some perverted moment, just a silly one in the life of my normal boy. Naturally, he asked why he couldn't, and naturally I told him WHY he couldn't touch my chest, or any other girl's for that matter. So please don't work overtime getting concerned about the well being and the sanity of my household. I was grateful for the perfect moment to explain a bit about the birds and the bees to my ever growing boy:) I would hope any other mother wouldn't scream and have fits and make their son feel as if they are dirty, breasts are dirty and that they should NEVER touch them...but explain to them reasonably why it's not proper**

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