On Friday, Brooke had her last Brownie troop meeting at this new pottery place called The Art Element. Since I still had a runny nose and looked pretty yucky, I didn't want to stick around and let Bub make one as well *so he and I went to the grocery store to kill time*.
Feeling better today, my friend Heather and I took the kids to make something new:) Bub chose a penguin piggy bank, Brooke chose a mermaid, and Linc chose a spider. I had my camera, but when I pulled it out to snap a pic, I found that my BATTERY was dead..xxx. ARGHH! Ah well....I do plan on taking pics of the finished products, which we are picking up on Tuesday. We had a really great time and the kids had so much fun painting their pottery!! *so B, when you read this, sorry about not having pics for ya! You'll see the kids' artwork in a few more days though!*

**update on my face and well being: I am feeling 110% better, but my voice still sounds a bit strained due to the general wear on my body over the last few days. The chin feels good and the swelling has pretty much gone down. Funny thing is, the only parts of my body that hurt now are my lips and nose...they are both fiercely chapped and look pretty yuck at the moment! thanks for the emails checking in on me and the get well wishes!*

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