We've made a decision!!!!

After putting Brandon through the ringer about finding the perfect house....a task that was pretty tough on him being that I am HERE and he is THERE. Really, HE should be the one here packing, and I be the one there house hunting!

Our search has come to an end! We've agreed on a house that is of the perfect location....close to my mum in law and close enough to B's new job:) I adore this house!!! The school that the kids are zoned for is down the street from my MIL and I already know it's a good one. It's "out" enough to make us feel as if we're not in the city...and I love love love it.

Enough of ME loving it....here, you look and tell me how much you love it too:)

Living room...my poppy pic will look beautiful over the fireplace, don't you think?

Ok, never thought I was one for black appliances, but I ADORE this black sink. If you look closely, you'll see that the trash bin is hidden in a snazzy pull out cabinet like the one Joanna had and like I coveted:) mwahahahaha~ Also, over the cabinets, you'll notice these other wee cabinets....OMgawwwwww. This house keeps getting better *in case you're wondering, I keep reading my blog again and noticing things about the house that I didn't notice at first glance. I'm taking a cue from Lori here and trying to be more detail oriented...haha*

The cabinets are about the same color as the ones that I have right now....love the cabinets. Can we say, CABINET SPACE!? WOW! Look at the stove and microwave...built into the wall! I am offically drooling and will probably spend the first month in this house cleaning up my own puddles of slobber! I am super picky about my kitchen, and it has been the reason for my saying no to a few otherwise perfect places. I love an open space. I think it's important to have lots of open space in my home because I believe it encourages togetherness:) Walls are my enemy...hahaha!

and...a BIG fenced in back yard w/ a tool shed. B can park his boat back here *I'll post pics of his boat some other time, but it's fabulous!* My dog will love me for this back yard:)

Now....it's all up to me to pack pack pack! I am so ready to move back to Panama and the beach and my MIL and *one of* my hometown(s)....life is gooood. gooooood:)


Faith and Chad & the boys said...

WHAT A CUTE HOUSE! Congratulations!

Shelbey! said...

so um, you HAVE created a shelbey permanent stay room, right? haha i LOVE it!! it is so nice! if you EVER move out of it, let me know. i'll buy. haha

i love you!

Anonymous said...

I love it! I'm glad you guys found one.

Jennifer said...

Hey the house is very cute...I'm gald your moving back to P.C. let me know when you get here. love ya Aunt Jen