The Hardest of All Choices

My blog title is the name of this painting by Rodney White. Read my blog title and THEN read the saying painted on the print....WOW:)

I've been wanting this print for absolute AGES!!! I love the vintage print and the saying is just perfect:) I'm very picky as to what I am going to spend my $ on to decorate the house...I MUST ABSOLUTELY ADORE IT in order for me to invest in it! Over the years, I've slowly been amassing my own collection of things...and sorting out the hand me downs that we've inherited over 9 years of marriage:) *not taking away from the value of those by ANY means!* This print has been in the Ballard catalog for the last year and I've been waiting for it to come to Kirklands *AND I've been trying to describe it to L for just as long, but never did it justice!*....well.....Krikland's new Spring line came out this week and MY PIC IS PART OF IT!!!! YEHAWWWWWW! So rather than paying over 200 bucks for the Ballard one, I get to pay 70 for the same pic:) Oh....the little things that make me happy! It looks perfect on my yellow wall....and FYI, I am carrying over my yellow kitchen into the new house! I love it!!!! This New Year just keeps throwing little happy's my way:)

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