Idle Time

B is officially between jobs right now, so he is at home alllll day long. The plan is for him to leave either this weekend or early next week, but for now...he is hanging out around here trying to find new ways to annoy me:) HAHAHA! *u know I am just kidding B*

I am the cart pro!

Yes, I used the timer....to take a pic of myself doing what I did 90% of the time at the course.

and this expression says it all....LOL!

Brandon gets bored between holes, so he takes to drawing on his score card....hmmm, this is a side of him I've never seen.....

Then, on Wednesday the kids asked if we'd come eat lunch with them since daddy's not working....he was cornered with no excuse or way out. The kids were thrilled and we had a great time with them at lunch.

As luck would have it, I didn't have to work this Tuesday or Wednesday either, so rather than sit around and stare at each other, B and I spent some time at the golf course....he golfing, me driving. The cart, that is;) I wanted to try to hit a few balls, but, again...as luck would have it...we got to the 4th hole when the need to find a bathroom hit. But I could do nothing about it because the course was pretty full, and if I'd driven to the club, I would either 1, have to leave B alone with his clubs and make him wait on me, or 2, take him with me. Nice wife I am, I sucked it up *literally* and sat in the cart the entire time. Sport that HE is....he took a few pics of me but was pretty reluctant to take one WITH me *as is the norm*. It was a pretty day but I am filing suit for some porta potties to be placed on the course!

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