hello Joi'sey!

My good friend Joanna came down for the weekend to see us one more time before we move! We met Candace and the girls at the skating rink and had a good old time just haning out and laughing at kids wiping out...yes, I have a twisted sense of humor:) The kids had a great time seeing Joey, Bub's best friend! It's so funny to look back on pics of Bub and Joey from almost 3 years ago and see how much they've grown...together! They are both on the runt side of 6, have the same messy hair texture, and they both share the same lovey, sweet, but boyish attitude. They are definitely momma's boys! I love this family...they are all so sweet and silly, but very much loud mouthed "Joi'seyens!" Can't wait to see you guys again!! I am using pics that I stole from Joanna because I am too lazy to upload them off of my own camera!

Trying to skate....but scared of the hardwoods!

Candace, Joanna, and I.....notice how much Candace and I had to lean over...and we STILL weren't even with my little friend!! HAHA!

They were ALL unwilling to take this pic, but only Bub was moody enough to step completely out of it! Can you blame them?? We waited until we were LEAVING to make them take a pic. Not fun....or funny, apparently...HA!

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Jo said...

I can't thank you enough to blog about us! How could I not make time for the wonderful soul who got me through the hardest time of my life-moving away from home! We love you!